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Mobileandfun always makes sure that the products they sell are always top notch in quality and are reliable. This is why we make sure to check all packages during the packing stage to ensure that no item is left and is in tip top condition before they get delivered. This is also why we have left no stone unturned designing the strictest testing process to ensure that you get the products you ordered without a scratch on them.


Whether they are smartphones, Android PhonesTablet PCseBook readersMP3/MP4 players, Netbooks or GPS, each is covered by a 24 month warranty if you want them replaced or repaired. The delivery date refers to the shipping date which you can see from your order list.

However, if the products are found to be beyond repair then Mobileandfun will send them back as they were. Please be sure to inform us when you receive them or if you find something off and keep in touch with us.

This last clause is very important since we will not regard a request if RMA request is not updated for more than 2 months. The case will then be automatically closed if the case is found to be so.