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At MobileandFun, we take pride in the quality of our products and make sure that it’s maintained throughout the delivery process. However, if you feel that the item(s) you received has been damaged in any way or should be replaced with another one then you can do so. Our return policy includes the return of most products within the Product Warranty and can be returned or refunded according to the Return Policy. This service also includes a 30 days money back guarantee as part of our service.


All you have to do is to follow the 3 easy steps given below:

1. Receive RMA Authorization after submitting the return request by contacting us via our Contact Us page.

2. Place the returnable items in the shipping process after you receive the authorization to do so. Please make sure to ship the items with their original packaging, accessories and shipping address from Mobileandfun customer service along with the RMA endorsement. Additionally, also make sure to send the tracking number for the return shipment. We will not take responsibility for any missing return shipment.

3. Your package will be refunded/returned within 1-3 working days of inspecting the product(s)


Additional Information

Please be advised that the original packaging, components, cables, documents, manuals etc MUST be returned along with the item to be returned/refunded since Mobileandfun cannot charge the manufacturer with ones that turn out to be incomplete. This also includes the shipping address and RMA number as well. The former will be supplied along with RMA Authorization from Mobileandfun’s customer service.

Also be sure to keep track of the returned product since Mobileandfun will not take responsibility for any lost product(s) during the shipping process. Additionally you will be refunded via your PayPal account which will be processed in 1-3 business days when the case is confirmed. You will then receive a PayPal email confirming the transaction.

Please also be advised that our RMA system will only be applicable when you have not received the packages for 30 days as per delivery date or there is an issue with the item(s) you received. Please contact us via your account if the case is so. Also since we offer a free shipping option when delivering the products, customers will have to pay the shipping cost for returned ones.