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About Us

We are an online e-commerce organization that specialise in selling the latest Mobile phones, Tablet PCs as well as gadgets. Our database includes a large number and variety of fun products like smartphones, Tablet PC, eBook readers, MP3 players, Video cameras, Computers, and iPhone accessories. All of them are ready to be ordered and shipped (FREE of charge) as soon as you place one with us.


That’s not all! We also have a category under £1.99 in which all items are priced 1.99 or less which also includes shipping charges.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know how tough the competition is out there when it comes to acquiring the best gadget money can buy. Keeping up with the latest trends has been the favourite pastime of both technology enthusiasts and laymen alike after all and why wouldn’t it be? You have to remain up to the times if you want to maintain a trendy image. MobileandFun realizes this fact all too well.

We are always on the lookout for top sellers in the E-world marketplace and which is also why we prefer to remain in contact with all our customers. Our purpose is to keep up with both our customer’s demands as well as the constantly changing mobile market by keeping up with new designs, unbeatable prices and reliable quality. This is what makes us one of the best mobile portals out there.


Fast and Efficient Shipping Process

MobileandFun enjoys the best optimized procedures regarding the time it takes for product payment, order confirmation, sales order and shipping. We pride ourselves on our very strong supply chain management which also aids remarkably well during the shipping process.


Quality is our Middle name

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and only sell those that boast the best designs, stellar reliability and proven hardware. You can bet that all of them will be made from the most durable materials. Why? That’s because each of our featured products go through a very strict and complex quality control system which ensures you never get one that leaves you unsatisfied!